Claire Ferri

Claire has a wealth of expertise, enthusiasm and an unwavering desire to create beautiful, unique and considered spaces which speak of individuality, people and place.

It is her keen eye which Claire brings to each and every Bury Kirkland Ferri project, be it large or small. Her passion, vision and attention to detail resonates through their work which is imbued with an edgy, refined and fluid style.

A ceaseless creative, Claire is a perfectionist who never shies from a challenge and is driven by a personal aspiration to constantly evolve her craft and that of those around her.

A former background in hospitality, amongst other things, cultivated in Claire a deep understanding of the industry on both a functional and aesthetic level. The atmospheres created within her venues have earned BKF a strong presence on the growing Hobart scene with acclaimed Willing Bros, The Whaler, Ettie’s, Fondru’s and Gastown East all part of their swiftly expanding portfolio to date.

When not designing, you’ll most likely find Claire immersed in all things artful, researching, reading, watching, listening and absorbing it. Pumping out tunes on the stereo or chilling out with her husband and two dogs.

Anna Weber

Anna has a great love and appreciation of the built environment and how it can impact our daily moods and functions.

Interior design and architecture have always captured her imagination and she decided to further explore this with the completion of a Batchelor of Design, Interior Design in 2002 in which she attained honours from the University of Technology in Sydney. After which, amongst other design pursuits, her love of interiors and the psychology of space led her to a national visual merchandising role.

In most recent years, Anna decided to expand her skill set to include the development her own bespoke jewellery label, along with immersing herself in the redesigning of her own wonderful home.

Anna brings to Bury Kirkland Ferri a desire to design spaces that are inviting, functional and beautiful.

Outside of the practice, you’ll most likely find Anna relaxing on Bruny Island or tearing down a hillside on a mountain bike with her husband and two gorgeous children.