Our Process



First we organise a time to meet, this could be on site or a meeting over coffee to look at real estate plans and photos if a site visit is not appropriate at this stage. This initial meeting is for us to view the property or venue, get a feel for the space and the style direction you may be looking for.

We ask questions and talk with you about your initial ideas and wish list in order for us to gain an understanding of the type of design work you may require assistance with.


After this initial meeting, we provide you with a fee proposal for our design services outlining in detail the scope as discussed in our briefing. This is a good way to start the ball rolling and for you to gauge what our fees might look like should you proceed.

From there we may adjust, minus from or add to the scope of works as required.

We are flexible with our services and can engage in full comprehensive design fit outs, assistance with selection refinement or anything in between.


In this stage of the process, we start to digest and develop initial design concept ideas based on what we uncovered about your project from our briefing. We begin space layout design and definition, explore design directions, collate potential materials and finishes palette and style concept imagery.



This is where we meet with you to present our ideas and an overview of the design direction we have customised for you. This includes mood board imagery, design sketches and samples to touch and feel. Our opportunity to review and discuss with you where we have come to so far and plan for next steps.


Now that we are clear on the design intent, we can continue on to further develop, refine and edit. We will transform the concept into a cohesive and comprehensive design including finalising of drawings and selection of specific products, finishes and materials.


The creative work is done, we will now provide you with the key to your design.

Provision of design sketches, floorplans and elevations, digital mood board and concept imagery, materials, finishes and product schedules.



Once your preferred tradespeople have been engaged, we will organise a time to meet with them, run through the design documentation in detail and answer any questions which may arise. A good opportunity to familiarise themselves with us should they need to contact us along the way.

Time to sit back and watch your project become a reality.